Serving Seniors is a passion

We are so grateful to have found you to help guide us through what potentially could have been a complete disaster. Dad really needed help making that final decision to move to assisted living. Right from the first time we met, Jill, Lauren and Diana, we knew you were somehow sent to help us through a very daunting, emotional process. You have treated Dad with so much warmth, compassion and the respect he deserves. He has gotten more forgetful lately, but when he speaks of you, he always has a smile and that twinkle in his eye that he reserves only for family. So sorry, but you are now part of our family…

I will not deny it, this has been tough. Hopefully, after settlement on Friday, we can look forward to the joyful days ahead.

You are in our hearts and in our prayers. Thank you, Ladies.

Kathy, Barbara and Chris

— Kathy from Hershey, PA